Kew Gardens Dental Office

Dental Office in Kew Gardens

At Modern Dental Care of Queens, we have established a reputation of using the most cutting-edge technology and treatment modalities in the industry to give our patients the highest quality dental care. We take great pride in bringing the most advanced innovations in dental care to our community while keeping the cost of treatment affordable to our patients. As your Kew Gardens dental office, we offer the most precise and effective treatment methods in dentistry today, to keep your mouth healthy and your smile beautiful.

Kew Gardens Dental Office

The dental industry is always expanding and growing, with new innovations developing all the time. As your Kew Gardens dental office, we are committed to keeping up with the growth in our field, with continuous education and training. Our office uses intraoral cameras and digital x-rays to get a complete and accurate picture of your oral health. Using these advanced diagnostic tools, your dentist is better able to diagnose any conditions that may be present. We also use laser dentistry, which can perform both hard and soft tissue procedures in the mouth including periodontal treatment, teeth whitening and the removal of lesions with maximum accuracy, minimum discomfort and more rapid healing times. Our office also utilizes electric handpieces that create less noise and vibrations than traditional dental drills, to keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout your restorative treatment. We use CEREC technology for same day services, including fillings, veneers and crowns, thus eliminating laboratory wait time, messy impressions and the need to wear a temporary. In just one visit to the dentist, your tooth will be completely restored, saving you from having to make multiple appointments. Our mission goal is to make your dental care as convenient and comfortable as possible.

At Modern Dental Care of Queens, your Kew Gardens dental office, we treat each patient with the individualized care that they deserve. We value our patients, and want dental care to be a positive experience for everyone. For more information, give us a call today.


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